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Put your capital gains to work.

Maximize your long-term investments with investors who leverage extensive real estate experience alongside a deep team of operational, tax, legal, and asset management professionals.

Seek Opportunity.
Build Community.


What is a Qualified Opportunity Zone Investment Fund?

Invest in the Cresset Diversified QOZ Fund II (the "Fund") to access a portfolio of institutional-quality, core real estate in high-growth, urban markets and realize significant after-tax benefits from your your capital gains.

Invest in Qualified Opportunity Zones with Cresset Partners

Raised in QOZ Fund I

Projected Fund II Return*


Cost of Fund I Projects


Let your capital gains do good work — for you and for the community.

Invest in Fund II Now

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created QOZs to provide potentially significant tax benefits to investors who re-invest capital gains into long-term investments into communities designated for economic development.

This solution is useful for accredited investors who have substantial capital gains, a desire to realize them in a tax-efficient manner, and a commitment to socially-impactful investments.

Invest In Opportunity. Create New Possibilities.

Realize your capital gain. Qualified Opportunity Zones make doing good make sense. 

Invest Today

However close you are to your 180-day deadline, the Cresset-Diversified team is ready to help you identify your target investment range and create a strategy that makes an impact.

Realize Your Gain. Reinvent The Future.

Explore Our QOZ Fund II & Fund I Real Estate Assets

Invest in a QOZ to make a dramatic impact with your capital gains. Build new opportunities and propel your portfolio and high-growth economic development zones forward. 

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*IRR over 10 years, net of fees and expenses and after QOZ tax benefits.  Contact us with questions.

Invest in Quality Real Estate

The Fund focuses on institutional-quality, urban core real estate development opportunities with top-tier development partners in high-growth markets across the country.

Reduce Your Tax Burden

The QOZ legislation defers your capital gains taxes, so you can leverage your portfolio and eliminate those taxes if held for 10 years or more.

Realize Net Gains

Use a long-term QOZ investment strategy to make the most from your capital gains over time — helping your investment do more.

Invest With Trust. 
Architect Tomorrow. 

Don’t leave opportunity to chance.

When you invest in qualified opportunity zones, you want your investments to show real return — for you and the communities involved.

Put your capital gains into experienced hands. Work with a team that builds creative investment opportunities and is committed to transparency.

Get Visibility Into Your Investments

Tour a construction site, read the latest report, and stay informed on the QOZ fund progress at every stage.

Grow Your Return And Your Impact

Put your gains towards the best opportunities and realize returns for you and qualified opportunity zones.

Build Opportunity With Experience

Invest in a QOZ Fund with an established partner that puts creative, experienced minds behind your investment.

Do more with your capital gains by investing in QOZs. 

Unlike traditional investments, a QOZ investment offers investors three primary tax advantages:

  1. Defers taxes on your capital gains.

  2. Reduces deferred tax owed by 10% if held for 7 or more years.

  3. Eliminates taxes on opportunity funds held for 10 or more.

This Is High-Impact, High Reward Investing

Eric Becker, Cresset Co-Founder

Meet Your QOZ Investment Team

Invest in the most dynamic QOZ markets and find the best opportunities with innovative investors and experts.
Led by Eric Becker, Avy Stein, and Larry Levy, the Fund is managed by an experienced real estate investment team.

Larry Levy

Eric Becker

Avy Stein

Jeff Cherner

Eliminate Your Capital Gains Tax in 10 Years with a QOZ Fund

Rolling over your capital gains into an opportunity zone allows you to defer taxes on those gains, reduce your taxes by holding the investment, and eliminate taxes if held for 10 years or more. Have a question? Send us a message.

Are You An Accredited Investor? 

The QOZ Fund is, by law, only available to accredited investors who meet certain credentials.

  • Pending or recently realized capital gain
  • Net worth of at least $1,000,000 
  • $200,000 Annual Income (single) 
  • $300,000 Annual Income (married)

Michael Miller

Bill Rudnick

Mike Jackson
Vice President

Kyle Shannahan

Carter Eckerline

Dominic DeRose

Jason Ross
Vice President

Nick Marietti
Managing Director

Nick Parrish
Managing Director

Dan Terlep
Senior Managing Director

David Mills
Chief Financial Officer

Ariana Martino

Chip Wille
Senior Director


Invest in the QOZ Fund II

Portland, OR | Multifamily & Office
DDG & Gerding Edlen

Eleven West


Denver, CO | Multifamily

Mica RiNo


Talk to us about your capital gainTalk to us about QOZ Fund BenefitsGet In Touch


Megan Kellerman
Managing Director

Mike Mackowski

Jessica Malkin
Executive Vice President

Chloe Sacks
Associate Director

Matt Teitelbaum

Houston, TX | Multifamily



Charleston, SC | Multifamily & Retail



Omaha, NE | Multifamily

The Mercantile


Seattle, WA | Multifamily & Retail
Trent Development & Hatteras Sky



Silver Spring, MD | Multifamily
Washington Property Company

Ripley II


Nashville, TN | Multifamily & Office

The Finery


Seattle, WA | Multifamily & Retail
Trent Development & Hatteras Sky



Phoenix, AZ | Multifamily & Retail
Hubbard Street Group

Skye on 6th


Carly Causey
Associate Director

* Assumes investment is held for at least 5 years and a 10% step-up in basis is applied to original capital gain that was invested.

** Assumes 10-year holding periods, annual rate of investment appreciation of 10%, and a long-term capital gains tax rate of 23.8%.

Note: The amounts shown are not net of fees and carry in either the traditional investment or the QOZ investment. This is to illustrate the tax benefits of QOZ investments prior to any fee structures.

Patrick Canning
Vice Chairman